About me 

My unique niche of practice affects all areas of your life. I do private one on one sessions, & group sessions. The talent that I possess with people has come natural to me since I was a child. I am the one that my friends always came to for someone to listen to their problems to offer support and guidance.  I have learned so much along the way and continue to learn every single day; knowledge is power. Our mind is also very powerful.  Most people do not realize just how in control they really are so they forget and get lost along the way. True happiness comes from within. It has been an interesting road of ups and downs for me while trying to raise kids mostly on my own. It wasn't until I met my partner John, that I finally had a normal relationship and discovered true love. We are a blended family and have 5 kids together. John is the male version of me and an introvert. I am the female version of him but an extrovert. We have both made each other a better person and he is my twin flame. I've been through a lot in my life including all of my family passing away quickly, surviving cancer, the loss of a child, an alcoholic grandmother, a mentally ill father, and every relationship I had ever had with a man was abusive whether it was sexually, mentally or physically and sometimes all three at once. Yesterday is in the past, today is now, tomorrow is not real; live in the moment.


My role as a life coach

A life coach is a collaborative partner for creating change, a source of encouragement and support, a brainstorming partner for inducing plans and ideas, and a guide for creating achievement and lasting changes. People hire coaches for numerous reasons.  Maybe you want to achieve new levels of fulfillment, establish healthier habits or behaviors, need help in taking responsibility in your life, to grow in your professional or personal life, to have someone create accountability, or even to help identify goals and action plans. Do you need to find balance, control your emotions, learn how to be happy, change negative patterns,  or discover your purpose in life?   

Sometimes we just need a neutral person to help us along the way.  Everyone has their own belief system and with me you are not judged for who you are.  It is a place of peace and love when you are working with me. My coaching is tailored around a unique niche of practice where you will notice a pattern of changes happening in all areas of your life not just one. I want to make a difference in the world and I want to help professionals who hate their job, managers that are overwhelmed, business owners who are struggling, people who want to live healthy, be better parents, improve their relationships, or even just live better lives.  

Do you want your employees or CEO's to be happier, healthier and more productive?

Statistically you will notice 5-7x's your ROI in hiring a life coach. If you want to see a difference in your CEO's or employees' relationships, team building, improvement of output, quality, and productivity then hiring a life coach may be advisable.

I will increase your leadership effectiveness by identifying your best leadership practices and challenges. Where you have been stuck, I will help you move forward & what you don't see, I will help you manifest. Where you have been frustrated, I will get to the root of the causes and find solutions. 

What is the difference between a life coach, a therapist, and a consultant?

A coach is understanding in where you are right now, what belief systems you picked up along the way, where you want to go, and how we get you there. Coaches are experts in change and support their clients. We are here to help you learn, grow, and to get you to reach a higher level.

A therapist looks at the past and tries to figure out why you are here so they can get to the bottom of it and try to heal you. They deal with not only past issues, but also emotional pain and traumas.

A consultant merely gives information and is in charge having the power whereas in a coaching relationship the client has the power but the coach supports the client with an expertise in change.

                                  TODAY I AM STRONG, POSITIVE, HAPPY, & AWAKE

"Nothing is as it seems & what your mind manifests will lead to the events that will enfold after."

                                                            -Skye Altiery

I specialize in: 

Executive / Business

Life Purpose / Happiness

Personal Guidance / Goals

Crystals have been an important part of my life since childhood. Through current discoveries & studies, my master teacher will be helping me to learn my abilities in healing with them. I look forward to being able to help both people and animals down the road with such knowledge in being an energy practitioner.  Our bodies were meant to heal themselves. Albert Einstein discovered that everything is made of energy. Why not heal energy with energy? 

If you are interested in my coaching services please contact me & I will get back to you right away.