Small Business Loans

Serving all 50 states & Canada. Who can apply? Hotel/motel owners, small business owners, cannabis product owners, cannabis growers, & nonprofits. Small businesses can get ^ to $1 million. Cannabis growers your 1st amount will be ^ to $250k then 45-60 days after, you may apply for ^ to $4 million. NO STARTUPS. We provide unsecured business loan alternatives also known as merchant cash advances that require NO collateral & NO upfront or hidden fees. The funds are based on a factor rate.


• BK’s ok
• Tax liens ok 

• 500 fico
• Bank Turndowns

Money/Fund Uses
• Anything you want
• Expansion
• Marketing
• Business Capital

Items Needed:
• 3 months merchant account statements*
• 3 months bank statements**
• Minimum application

*6 months of bank statements instead if you do not take cards for your business

**The business bank must be US based

If you have questions or have everything needed & are ready to apply for funding please contact me at the bottom of the homepage.  The APPLICATION is located under the tabs.

RULES for Small Business Loans & Any Business Funding:

*All applications must be a wet INK signature by your own  hands. NO electronic stamped signatures allowed

*All statements should have a bank letterhead

*All 6 statements should each be in their own PDF for each  month plus the application totaling 7 single PDF's

*NO JPG allowed

*NO screenshots allowed

*Ownership of application(s) MUST equal 70%