Dog Sitting In Our Home located in Oswego, IL

Why board your dog when they can play with us?

We will give your pet the following:

*endless attention

*tons of love

*daily walks

*trips to the park

*playtime with our much more love 

  and attention :-) kids ages are 17,15,14,9

John & I have been around animals our entire life. They bring joy and heal others with their love and companionship. When we see those commercials on TV to help save pets it is very depressing. If we had the money we would buy an Island for all of the strays and abused animals. We would build a huge home to help them. We even saved two newborn baby squirrels. We fed them and kept them alive for 48 hours until we could find a rehabilitation that would care for them and not kill them.

We have really enjoyed meeting and caring for every dog and getting to know each one as they touch our hearts in their own special way.

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