Life Coaching...The Egyptians understood the secret to eternal life

We were meant to be so much more...

Sometimes we just need a neutral person to help us along the way.  Those with an open mind that understand Universal Law will be able to relate to the words I speak below. It is not for everyone to understand but it is my job to make people understand what has been lost over time. If you ever read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes, then you know that there is another world so to speak. Our true identity and capabilities as humans goes way above what anyone knows.There is a book I just read, but I cannot tell you the title because it only appears in one's life when they are ready. I can tell you that "The Secret" was just a doorway to a massive existence beyond whatever we may have already conceived. The Egyptians had the answer and it explains why they were able to do so much with so little that science today still cannot explain.

I met my master teacher through a series of events that I did not recognize nor understand until it was brought to my attention. I spent an entire day with her and my life has never been the same. I have had things happen to me that are out of the ordinary and to some, unexplainable. Not only have I been opened up, I'm awakening to those who understand this. I have discovered that it is my purpose to serve others and to share my light. It is my purpose to help those awakening to remember what once was. Hidden in the Bible were sayings as well that nobody really quite understood and those sayings have been rewritten several times. Once you understand the way we once were, you will understand it all.

Since crystals have been an important part of my life since childhood and through current discoveries, I now know that I need to learn my abilities in healing with them. This will be a little bit down the road because I am currently learning how to master my mind and studying to become a health coach as well. Did you know that someone who has been through a lot can end up giving the best life coaching ever? I've done things I regret and I've done things I'm proud of.

                                  TODAY I AM STRONG, POSITIVE, HAPPY, & AWAKE

"Nothing is as it seems and what your mind manifests will lead to the events that will enfold after."

                                                                  -Skye Altiery

I specialize in: 

relationships / sex


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